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Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing the right home interior painting and color schemes is very important if you want to create the right ambiance in your home. Every room has a unique aspect and so paint colors should be chosen accordingly. The best home interior painting ideas for living rooms is to go for soft warm colors like golden yellow, peach and lime green. As the living room is the place where you spend much of your time relaxing with your family, warm colors will help you to create the right ambiance. You can also use two or three shades of the same color to paint the walls of the living room, to give it an interesting look. Shades of honey, lemon and pale yellow works very well as wall colors for living room.

The best home interior painting ideas for the drawing room, is to opt for cool soothing colors like light blue and lavender. This type of paint colors gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of the rest of the decor like curtains and drapes, sofa and chests. If you would like to go for more stronger colors, then the best paint colors would be turquoise, sapphire and aubergine. Combining a strong color like turquoise with off white or aubergine with gray helps to bring out the richness of the darker hued colors and gives the room a dramatic effect.

Interior Wall Paint Colors

Paint colors for interior walls are the most important part in interior designing as that's where most of the room's aesthetic appeal comes from. The reason walls are painted in various colors and combinations is because, they provide a neutral or specific background for the furniture, curtains and the decorations. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right shades of colors, which you could coordinate with the rest of the portable interiors. We have a few suggestions for choosing interior paint colors for your home, mentioned below. Take a quick look!

Light Shades: The most popular colors used as wall paint are lighter shades so that the rest of the interiors can be matched accordingly. The most popularly used colors are ivory, beige, light blue and pink, peach, gray, lilac, lemon yellow, etc.

Dark Shades: Sometimes, using just the opposite color scheme can also be the most perfect combination for homes. Therefore, darker shades such as chocolate brown, teal, red, royal blue, olive green, royal purple, etc., are also choices, where the furniture can be either white or light colors.

Monochromatic Shades: Some of the popular choices for modern homes are the monochromatic color scheme, where one main color along with its shades are used throughout the room. These main colors are blue, red, orange, yellow, green, violet, pink, brown, black, etc., and their shades (both light and dark) are used as secondary colors.

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