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Varnish and Clear Coating

Varnish and Clear Coating

Even with all the modern wood finishes available, varnish is still popular and a favorite of professionals. The main reason why it is so popular, is it will stick to almost any finish and has excellent resistance against abrasion, solvents, water and the damaging effects of the sun.

Varnish is a transparent, hard, protective finish or film used in wood finishing. Varnish is traditionally a combination of a drying oil, a resin, and a thinner or solvent. Varnish finishes are usually glossy but may be designed to produce satin or semi-gloss sheens by the addition of "flatting" agents. Varnish has little or no color, therefore it is transparent and has no added pigment, as opposed to paints or wood stains. Varnishes can also be applied over wood stains as a final step to achieve a film for gloss and protection.

Exterior varnish must be used for exterior surfaces because interior varnish will break down, peel and crack due to moisture. The correct varnish (or polyurethane) to use outside is called a "spar varnish" or a "marine varnish". Peak to Peak Painting will provide the best option for varnishing or clear coating exterior surfaces, Call (970) 221-0207 for a Free Estimate.

  • Suitable Surfaces for Varnishing:
  • Fiberglass Doors After Staining
  • Wood Doors & Frames
  • Wood Window Sashes
  • Wood Trim including base, casing and window sills
  • Over painted surfaces for a protective clear finish

Peak to Peak Painting provides high quality painting services to residential and commercial customers in Fort Collins, Loveland and the surrounding Northern Colorado areas. Please call (970) 221-0207 or Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

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